Listening with Bunged-Up Ears

How do we discern the One True Voice we need to hear in a world filled with other voices vying for our attention?

Become Mindful!

by Rev. Christina St Clair

“Imagine if all the tumult of the body were to quiet down, along with all our busy thoughts about earth, sea, and air…


by Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar

Prayer is an articulation of our noblest desires, our deepest yearnings, and our darkest places. Whispers is from a collection that speaks directly to the complexity of human life–whether you seek expression for joy, wonder, perplexity, or heartache, for personal use or for your community, you will find here a voice for your experience that will help you linger in the blessings and move forward through the pain.

For Those with Ears, Listen!

by Rev. Dr. Rindy Trouteaud

As the evangelist Luke tells it, a crowd gathers around Jesus, and he tells them a parable about a Sower who tiptoes out the front door, fills his lungs with fresh morning air, and without looking right or left, begins to sow seeds. Grabbing fistfuls from the pouch tied around his waist, he indiscriminately flings the seeds in the air, laughing at the spectacle of seeds cascading through the air, getting caught in the tangles of his hair, slipping down the sleeves of his tunic, and sliding between his dusty toes before coming to rest on the ground beneath his feet.

Make a Difference!

By J. Patrick Foley, Ph.D.
J. Patrick Foley

My Arthritic Ears

by Liz Deal

I was twenty-five when I realized that I was the lucky gene-pool winner.

I woke up one morning and couldn’t hear my alarm clock–then I rolled over and could hear it just fine.


by Sr. Deborah Lockwood, OSF

Listening…hearing…somewhat similar, but not exactly the same… Hearing has something to do with our ears…one notices the ear in “hear” very easily. Hearing is a sense that protects and sustains us, a sense important to our interactions, a sense that we seek to improve when it’s not functioning at its best.

Spiritual Trails

by Annie Beckham, LCSW

I have a cacophony happening most of the time in my head. Voices, images, to-do lists, want-to list and “shoulds” are all there. My inner critic usually has a megaphone leading this mixture of silent thoughts which coats everything with doubt and confusion. I find it hard to push through the confusion to find what might be Spirit’s nudge, or invitation or direction.

When Autumn Came

by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Contemplate this poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a voice of great pathos, charm, and authenticity that has until now been little known in the English-speaking world as you watch the changing seasons in One Year in 40 Seconds by Eirik Solheim.

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