Mary as Wife and Mother


Jesus and his disciples are walking on a dusty road, joking and singing to pass the time.  Jesus starts singing, “There was a young maiden so comely and fair…” His friends think it will be a bawdy and start laughing and poking each other.  But he continues, singing,

There was a young maiden so comely and fair
that all the young men would have wanted her there.

She had a heart that was gracious and good
she told them she’d share it if they understood.

Why a rose has its thorns and the sun goes away?
How a babe can be born just to wither away?

They gave her no answers those ardent young men
so she set her sights on the far horizon.

Till a stranger she knew shone a light in her eyes
and asked her to become the eternal Bride.

She bore Him a son who grew just as she was
and they gave all they had for the kingdom of love.

“Jesus’ Song of His Mother,” Liz Deal, 2015

Prayer Practice

Imagine yourself in this scene with Jesus and his followers.  

How do you react to this intimate and playful song?

Jesus praises his mother’s desire for truth, her integrity, and her loving generosity. What aspect of Mary’s character speaks hope to you today?

Liz Deal 

WVIS Associate Spiritual Director

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