Like Flowers

Like flowers in a garden
We grow in many ways.
We all rely on sunshine
And enjoy some cloudy days.
Our roots sink into soil. 
Our nourishment at stake. 
We need our daily water
So blossoms we may make.
The wind encourages dancing 
As exercise we need.
We may not care for partners 
If dancing solo is our creed.
Depending on our nature
We live long lives or short. 
Whether days, weeks, or seasons, 
We enjoy our time at court.
For what else shall we call this, 
Our wondrous time on earth? 
When our mission is completed 
Our seeds promote rebirth.

 - Carolyn Heil 

The poem appeared in PROSETRY (July 18, 2023 edition) and is used by permission of the author.

Carolyn Heil

Allison Park, PA 15101